DFRobot Wish You a Merry Christmas

21, January 2022

1. Is Santa Claus coming to my house? - Santa Claus Detector 

We all know that Santa Claus will come to give us gifts at night when we are asleep, but when did he get to our house, let's make a Santa Claus detector today. Put the detector at the bedside to detect when Santa arrived.

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2. Christmas LED Tree Decoration

Wooden Christmas tree decoration, with led rows representing string lights of a Christmas tree and a star on top of it. Each row has different colors, which I'm able to control independently (as well as the rows it self) via arduinos micro-controller. This way I can bring tree to life by coding my own light show programmes.

3. Christmas CyberTree USB Arduino

The Arduino Cyber Christmas Tree is an easy project to carry out. Manufactured with electronic garbage, some LEDs and an Arduino Uno board. It has an editable sequence code for turning the LEDs on and off. It can be used as a desktop tree, as it can be connected to a computer's USB port or a 5V power bank.

4. Happy New Year Trigger

As an engineer, I thought of ways on what I can accomplish to make our new year celebration a little brighter and upbeat.

5. Making a Shake-Activated Christmas Gift Box(Based on Raspberry Pi 4B)

I am gonna spend time on making a special gift box. This box will be opened only when shaken to the right directions in order.

6. Christmas Gift Box

Christmas Gift Box Christmas Gift Box plays music and sends an email when it is opened.

7. Christmas Tree With Arduino

A simple Christmas tree with 9 LEDs (+ 1 extra from Arduino board).

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